Assembly Solutions

Optimizing Cost, Quality, Performance, and Scalability

With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and assembly, we partner with leading medical device companies to optimize the cost, quality, and performance of their devices. Our ISO 13485:2016 certification ensures the highest level of efficiency as we deliver complex micro-assembly solutions for minimally invasive devices, including microelectronic components, electrode tip catheters, balloon catheters, and more.

Consistent, High-Complexity, High-Volume Assembly Solutions

By leveraging the latest technologies, equipment, processing techniques, and materials we provide manufacturing and assembly solutions from low-volume prototypes to fast ramp-up and high-volume production. With our strategically located manufacturing sites in high performing and value-driven geographies we can deliver additional efficiency and cost savings for our customers.

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Full Micro-Assembly &
On-Balloon Assembly Solutions

Stabilization &
Process Improvement
Mass Production
<10 Micron
At Scale
Test Method
Quality Control &
Quality Assurance
Material Sourcing &
Supply Chain

Sub-Assembly &
Assembly Capabilities

Quality & Regulatory
  • ISO 13485 certified (BSI), cGMP compliant (US FDA)
  • TAA compliance, FG for US Medicare/Medicaid
  • China NMPA, MAH, microbiology lab
Sourcing & Materials
  • Global material sourcing & supply localization
  • Component manufacturing
Design & Development
  • Prototyping & testing
  • DFM & VAVE for mass production
  • Final packaging, sterilization management
  • Logistics, warehouse & direct shipment
  • Extrusion, braiding & shaft lamination
  • Fine wire coil (prototyping & mass production)
  • Sub-assembly, assembly, finished goods
  • Complex micro-assembly
  • Micro-sensor device integration
  • Embedded electronics
  • Minimally invasive catheters
  • On-balloon assembly
  • Precision laser drilling
  • Surface coating, laser marking, pad printing
  • Glass fiber optics polishing and twisting, resin bonding
  • UV glue bonding
  • Semi-automation
  • Mass production with industry-leading yields

Solving the Most Complex
Assembly Challenges

Our highly experienced engineering team, combined with our unique micro-assembly capabilities, can streamline the development, prototyping, assembly, scalability, and production process, delivering superior outcomes with cost-efficiency and speed-to-market.

  • Cost-efficient solutions for specialized production and ISO 13485:2016 required infrastructure
  • Access to a wealth of highly skilled, trained personnel yields high-quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Scalability and flexibility from low-volume to high-volume production

Rapid Ramp-Up & Scalability

Quasar offers complete turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of minimally invasive medical devices, utilizing our extensive experience, local presence, broad capabilities, and flexible approach.

When you choose to partner with us, we provide you with the necessary expertise and infrastructure to quickly ramp up and scale your production. Our global footprint and supply chain resources enable us to source the appropriate materials and components for your specific needs. As a sole-source supplier, you can eliminate the complexities and expenses associated with transferring to a new supplier when you’re ready to expand your operations.

Ready to Scale?

Automation & Custom Equipment

Quasar has extensive experience in the medical device manufacturing industry and is committed to investing in automation technology to enhance quality, efficiency, and accuracy. This allows us to provide unfailing production volume estimates for any medical device, including NPIs, enabling repeatability, reducing errors, and ultimately saving time and costs.

We rely on automation for connectivity across every stage of production. This ensures high-volume, regulation-compliant products, a streamlined production process, and efficient inventory management.

Manufacturing Transfers

At Quasar, we put the customer first. Our team of experts has a demonstrated track record of successfully managing over 10 manufacturing transfers in the past five years. We are committed to ensuring a seamless, fast, and efficient transition, whether it involves transferring a single product line or an entire facility.

We combine advanced manufacturing processes, technologies, and highly skilled personnel to ensure that all products are on time, at quality, and within budget. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, from planning and preparation to the completion of the transfer and mass production.

  • On Time
  • At Quality
  • Within Budget
Prototype to Full Scale Production Realization

Transfer opportunity analysis
Alignment of project expectations
Design for manufacturability (DFM)
Materials sourcing definition
Equipment and material preparation
Process validation and ramp-up preparation including training
Regulatory approvals
Ramp-up and transfer to high-volume manufacturing
Quality system management
Continuous improvement

Full Product Line Transfer
Transfer opportunity analysis
Feasibility and risk assessment
Alignment of project expectations
Process improvement assessment
Transfer qualification execution
Supply chain integration
Regulatory approvals
Ramp-up and transfer to high-volume manufacturing
Quality system management
Continuous improvement
Full Line Duplication Transfer
Transfer Opportunity Analysis
Feasibility and risk assessment
Alignment of project expectations
Process improvement assessment
Process and tooling duplication
Line duplication and scale for production
Transfer qualification execution
Supply chain integration
Regulatory approvals
Quality system management
Continuous improvement

Assembly Product Solutions

We partner with medical device companies to deliver advanced device solutions that improve patient outcomes. Our precise assembly and quality control ensure regulatory compliance for safe and effective medical devices.

Minimally invasive devices
Component sub-assembly
Full device assembly
5 & 6 DOF navigational sensors
Electromechanical micro-sensors
Assembly and sub-assembly
Catheter assembly & sub-assembly
Braided & laminated shafts
Guide catheters
PTA & PTCA balloon catheters
Navigated catheters
Delivery & retrieval catheters
Diagnostic catheters
Ablation catheters
Mapping catheters
Interventional catheters

Markets & Therapies

Neurology & Neurovascular
Structural Heart
Cardiovascular & Peripheral Vascular
Bariatric Surgery
Drug Delivery
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)
Gastroenterology & Endoscopy
Endovascular Therapies
Oncology & Interventional Radiology
Surgical Robotics

Full Turnkey Solutions

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