Components & Device Manufacturing

Pushing the Boundaries of Advanced Medical Device Manufacturing

At Quasar Medical, we partner with you every step of the way – from the initial concept to the delivery of your finished medical devices. We specialize in manufacturing complex and miniaturized medical components and devices with advanced technologies and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our collaborative approach, global reach, access to economical manufacturing hubs and innovative mindset enable us to provide tailored manufacturing solutions that meet your specific needs. 

Innovative Devices Delivered with Excellence, Speed and Higher Yield

We prioritize our customers and their innovative products by delivering tailored micro-assembly and manufacturing solutions with uncompromising speed, scalability, and excellence. Our streamlined manufacturing processes ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery, without sacrificing quality or precision. From ideation to production, Quasar Medical’s end-to-end solutions provide the support and expertise needed for your innovative medical device to succeed in the market.

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End-to-end Components & Device Solutions

New Product
& Introduction​
Process Development,
Design ​
Material Sourcing ​
& Supply Chain Management​
Mass Production:
Device Assembly
& Sub-assembly​

Components & Device Manufacturing Capabilities

Our experienced engineers will work with your design team to design and develop your devices from the beginning to the end of your medical device.

Quality & Regulatory
  • ISO 13485 compliant (BSI)
  • cGMP compliant (US FDA)
  • China NMPA, MAH, microbiology lab
Sourcing & Materials
  • Global material sourcing
  • Electromagnetic (EM) modeling
  • Supply localization
Development & Pre-production
  • Sensor design & modeling
  • NPD/NPI, prototyping & testing
  • Final packaging, sterilization mgmt.
  • Logistics, warehouse & direct shipment
Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Extrusion, braiding, laminating
  • Braided & laminated shafts
  • Fine wire coil (prototyping)
  • Sub-assembly, assembly
  • Complex micro-assembly
  • Finished EM sensors & finished goods
  • Minimally invasive catheters
  • On-balloon assembly
  • Precision laser drilling
  • Surface coating, laser marking, pad printing
  • Glass fiber polishing and twisting
  • Resin bonding & UV glue bonding

Custom Micro-Sensor Solutions for Minimally Invasive Devices & Catheters

Quasar specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performing, high-quality, and cost-effective micro-sensors for minimally invasive medical devices, providing full turnkey sensor solutions from concept to high-volume production. Our custom, high-performing, sensor components offer precise electrical properties of sensitivity, inductance, resistance, accuracy, repeatability, as well as positional and angular accuracy, while minimizing failure modes. 

Our skilled engineers excel in developing custom EM microsensors for catheters, tailored to their unique therapy applications. Through close collaboration with your team throughout the design and development process, we strive to achieve optimal results from start to finish.

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Braided Catheter Shafts & Extrusions

Quasar Medical offers vertically integrated solutions for the entire product life cycle, from prototyping to full-scale manufacturing of finished devices. Our composite catheter shaft solutions are custom-developed and produced to meet your application-specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.  We specialize in extrusion, deployment of braid, coil and cut tube reinforcements, reflow of multiple durometers and materials, and secondary processing, providing diverse catheter sub-assemblies and finished device solutions.

Our highly skilled engineers will work closely with your team to design and develop catheter shafts that meet your device’s performance requirements. With our precision and quality focus, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions that improve patient outcomes.

Shaft Types and 

Complex assemblies: mapping and ablation specialization 

Steerable and deflectable shaft designs

Multi-durometer and dissimilar materials construction

2Fr – 22Fr diameter range


Multiple reinforcement choices – coil, braid, laser cut hypotube

Multiple coating options

Component  Materials

PTFE: extruded and film-cast

Stainless steel and nitinol braids

Jackets: PEBAX, TPU, nylon, blends

BaSOloaded polymers

Liners: PTFE, FEP, PE, PU, blends

Fiber optic filaments

Radiopaque markers

Note: Regulatory requirements assessed incl. biocompatibility, RoHS3, REACH etc.


EM sensor integration into existing or new catheter designs

Subassembly and finished device assembly options

Punching, drilling, cutting

Thermal fusing, adhesive bonding

Pull wire assembly and shaft incorporation 

On-balloon assembly

Annealing, tip forming, necking

EtO Sterilization management

Finished Device Solutions

Quasar is a recognized leader in the design, development, and manufacture of minimally invasive catheter-based devices, backed by unsurpassable expertise. Our collaborative product development and manufacturing teams ensure design for manufacturability (DfM), value analysis and value engineering (VAVE), reduced development time, and accelerated speed to market for your finished product or sub-assembly.​​

With our specialized knowledge in cardiac, endovascular, diagnostics, and guiding catheters, we possess the proficiency to develop catheter solutions that are precisely tailored to your unique therapy application.​

​As your trusted supplier of choice for medical devices, Quasar simplifies your life by offering comprehensive solutions that streamline your supply chain and enhance your product’s performance in the market.​​

Custom Catheter ​
Handle Integration​
Utilizing customer assessed and human factor evaluated handles. ​

We can assemble shafts to complex internal assemblies including wire and electrical management.​
​Key Capabilities​

  • Rapid Prototyping​
  • Bench Testing​
  • Extrusions​
  • Composite Catheter Shafts​
  • Hypotubes & Balloons​
From Component to Distribution Center​​


  • Material Sourcing​
  • Vertically Integrated Components Including Extrusions and Braids​

Sub-assembly and assembly​

  • Complex Assembly and Micro-Assembly incl. EM Sensors Integration​
  • Finishing​


  • Labeling​
  • Sterilization Management​
  • Drop Shipment​
  • Warehouse & Logistics​
Cater to Geographic Device Needs​
Matching customer requirements for geographic expansion.​

  • MAH, Made in China for China​
  • TAA Trade Compliance, Singapore​
  • Supplier Localization to Optimize Cost and Ease of Manufacturability​
  • Global, Cost-Efficient Manufacturing Solutions with Highly Skilled Personnel for Rapid Production Ramp-Up​
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Pursuing Novel Medical Device Solutions

Quasar is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of minimally invasive device technology by continuously bringing cutting-edge solutions to adjacent markets that deliver better patient outcomes.

From Renal Denervation to Interventional Catheters, Electrophysiology, Oncology, Structural Heart, EM navigation, video-guided endoscopes and beyond, our team is focused on pioneering new solutions that advance healthcare and improve lives.​​

Our team is dedicated to developing innovative device solutions that address unmet clinical needs, improve patient outcomes, and drive growth for our partners and customers.

Let’s Innovate Together
Components & Device Manufacturing

Continuously Innovating for Highly Complex Therapies

Ablation catheters​
Laser, radiofrequency, and cryogenic ​
Interventional catheters​
Atherectomy, Embolic Protection, Embolectomy, Thrombectomy​
Renal Denervation​
PFA catheters​
Oncology ​
Drug delivery & Therapeutics delivery catheters​
Structural Heart ​
Transvascular valve delivery systems (TAA, TAVR)​
LAA delivery systems​
EM navigated and video-guided endoscopes​

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Components & Device Solutions

We partner with medical device customers to develop and manufacture complex minimally invasive devices equipped with imaging and integrated sensor technologies to help deliver critical therapies.

5 DOF & 6 DOF Navigational Sensors​
Ablation Catheters​
Braided & Laminated Shafts​
Catheter Assembly & Sub-assembly​
Component Sub-assembly​
Custom Extruded Thermoplastic Components​
Delivery & Retrieval Catheters​
Electromechanical Micro-sensors​
Diagnostic Catheters​
Fine Wire Coils​
Full Device Assembly​
Guide Catheters​
Interventional Catheters​
Mapping Catheters​
Microcatheters ​
Minimally Invasive Devices​
Navigated Catheters​
PTA & PTCA Balloon Catheters​
Capnography Tube Sets​

Markets & Therapy Applications for Medical Components & Devices​


Neurology & Neurovascular

Structural Heart

Cardiovascular & Peripheral Vascular

Hypertension: Renal Denervation

Drug Delivery

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Endovascular Therapies

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy

Oncology & Interventional Radiology


Surgical Robotics

Full Turnkey Solutions

To Accelerate Your Time-to-Market

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