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Reliable and Rapid Prototyping to Accelerate

With over 35 years of experience bringing medical device designs to mass production, our team is equipped to handle products at any stage of development. Our engineers collaborate closely with your design team to create custom prototypes that are not only functional, but also optimized for efficient manufacturing, cost-effectiveness, and reduced time-to-market. Count on our expertise to bring your catheter from concept to reality and get to market faster.

Delivering Fast, Reliable and Scalable Prototype Solutions

Speed and performance are of utmost importance when it comes to developing and producing your device prototypes. We strive to shorten development times and turn around functional prototypes as quickly as possible to get to market faster. Our skilled engineering team and in-house rapid prototyping capabilities support us with this endeavor.

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Full Design, Development & Prototyping Solutions

Design &
Verification &

Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

We consider the most appropriate designs, materials and processes to ensure our prototypes are functional, cost-effective and geared up for mass production.

Quality & Regulatory
  • ISO 13485 compliant
  • cGMP compliant (US FDA)
Sourcing & Materials
  • Global material sourcing
  • Component manufacturing
  • Electromagnetic (EM) modeling
  • Supply localization
Development & Pre-production
  • NPD & NPI, prototyping & testing
  • DFM & VAVE
  • Extrusion, braiding, laminating
  • Precision laser drilling
  • Fine wire coil (prototyping & mass production)
  • Surface coating, laser marking, pad printing
  • Glass fiber polishing and twisting, resin bonding
  • UV glue bonding and more
  • Complex micro-assembly

Solving Important Prototyping Challenges

Partnering with an experienced manufacturer for DFM and prototyping can prevent production, manufacturing, and cost issues. We prioritize design for manufacturability principles to ensure suitability, identifying and mitigating potential risks. Our strategies yield successful production outcomes.

  • Efficient use of specialized materials and time
  • Optimized time to mass production ramp
  • Reduced R&D costs and improved time-to-market
  • Improved performance and quality
  • Scalability for mass production
  • Reduced product risk and cost profile
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Intellectual Property

At Quasar, we understand how important it is for businesses to ensure the safety of their intellectual property. We have strict processes and policies in place to ensure that all confidential information remains secure.

We are interested in learning more about your medical device concept and would like to demonstrate how our contract manufacturing services can assist established OEMs customers in developing it for the market.

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Prototyping Product Solutions

We collaborate with medical device customers to manufacture complex minimally invasive devices with imaging and integrated sensors for critical therapies.

Ablation catheters
Diagnostic catheters
Delivery & retrieval catheters
Guide catheters
Interventional catheters
Mapping catheters
Navigated catheters
PTA & PTCA balloon catheters
Braided & laminated shafts
Custom extruded thermoplastic components
Electromechanical microsensors
5 & 6 DOF navigational sensors

Markets & Therapies

Cardiovascular & Peripheral Vascular
Neurology & Neurovascular
Structural Heart
Bariatric Surgery
Drug Delivery
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)
Endovascular Therapies
Gastroenterology & Endoscopy
Interventional Radiology

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