Quasar Medical Unveils Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Facility in Dongguan, China

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Catering to the Localized Needs of the Medical Device Industry

Dongguan, China – October 12, 2023

Quasar Medical, a global leader in medical device manufacturing, proudly announces the grand opening of its 11-floor facility in Dongguan, China. With a 35-year history of excellence, this expansion represents a significant step forward, reaffirming Quasar’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions for the medical device industry.

Recognizing the global demands of medical device customers and the pivotal role of China as a major manufacturing hub and market in the medical device industry, Quasar initiated the construction of a sprawling 4,400 square-meter facility in the esteemed Robot Industrial Park in Dongguan in 2022.

“We are thrilled to unveil our magnificent 11-story manufacturing facility in Dongguan, China, dedicated to serving our customers with enhanced manufacturing capabilities. As we celebrate 35 years of excellence, this milestone represents our enduring commitment to innovation and our remarkable journey with our valued customers.”
CEO, Alex Wallstein

Supporting Global Localization Needs

This facility is uniquely designed to cater to the needs of its medical device customers in the Chinese and global markets. Featuring specialized production environments, advanced clean rooms, and an in-house microbiology lab for NMPA/MAH projects, Quasar Medical sets new standards for quality, compliance, and rapid mass production ramp-up. It exemplifies our commitment to meeting global partners’ localization needs, enabling seamless navigation of the Chinese market complexities. Employing up to 2000 skilled professionals, this facility represents a milestone for Quasar and a significant contribution to the local job market.

Empowering China Market Entry: The MAH Approach

With Quasar, medical device companies gain a strategic advantage in navigating China’s complex medical device market. Our expertise in Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) policy requirements empowers customers to smoothly enter and thrive in the rapidly expanding Chinese market and beyond. This policy enables foreign manufacturers to partner with local entities like Quasar for faster market access while retaining complete product control.

“This new facility underscores our relentless pursuit of operational excellence, quality, and customer-centric solutions. With its advanced capabilities, we are poised to provide even greater support to our clients in China and worldwide as we embark on this exciting new chapter.”
COO Aviel Bohnik

Our facility is operating at 30% capacity and reflects Quasar’s dedication to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and unwavering quality. These pillars are crucial in meeting the surging demands of the medical device industry. With this new state-of-the-art facility in Dongguan, Quasar Medical is poised to serve even more global customers, supporting new and existing projects. With expanded capabilities, including manufacturing transfers, we provide exceptional value, ensuring seamless transitions and production continuity.

Quasar Medical’s new facility blends over three decades of expertise with cutting-edge features, signifying a bold leap into the future. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, this facility will shape the medical device manufacturing landscape for years.

For more information about Quasar and our services, visit our website at quasarmedical.com.
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For over 35 years, Quasar Medical has led the global medical device market in manufacturing minimally invasive medical components, devices, and micro-sensors. With six manufacturing operations worldwide and a team of over 3,000 employees, Quasar offers comprehensive turnkey solutions. From design and prototyping to process automation and rapid mass production, Quasar delivers innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to medical device companies worldwide. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Singapore, Quasar’s global presence ensures seamless service to clients across Europe, America, Asia, and Israel.




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