Quasar Welcomes the Ambassador of Israel to Thailand

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Strengthening Thailand-Israel Ties Through Innovative Medical Device Manufacturing

CHONBURI, THAILAND – On November 30th Quasar Medical welcomed the Ambassador of Israel to Thailand at a special event, marking the third anniversary of the company’s Asian footprint expansion to Thailand. Underscoring its commitment to its global customers, innovation, growth, and the strengthening of Thailand-Israel ties, Quasar designed the Chonburi site to play a significant manufacturing role for advanced and minimally invasive devices, including capnography tube sets which played a significant role in the global fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

Quasar group photo with traditional Thai dancers

Celebrating three years of Quasar in Thailand and welcoming Her Excellence, Ms. Orna Sagiv – Ambassador of Israel to Thailand – at the Quasar Medical site in Chonburi, Thailand

The event’s host was Aviel Bohnik, Quasar’s Group Executive Vice President of Global Operations, also holding the title of Quasar’s Chonburi Managing Director. Over 300 honored and distinguished guests attended the special event, including Her Excellence, Ms. Orna Sagiv, Ambassador of Israel to Thailand; Mr. Ariel Seidman, Deputy Chief of Mission, Political & Public Affairs; executives of the IEAT (Industrial Estate Association of Thailand), and executives of Quasar’s partners in Thailand.

The extension of Quasar’s geographical footprint and the establishment of the Thailand-Chonburi site are symbolic of connecting Israeli high technology with the high work standards, quality, and efficiencies in Asia.

“It is wonderful to see Quasar operate in Thailand, sharing Israeli technologies and innovation and providing employment opportunities. It is not only an investment but also a bridge of friendship between the people of Israel and Thailand” said Ms. Orna Sagiv, Ambassador of Israel to Thailand.

Quasar Medical Welcomes The Ambassador Of Israel To Thailand, Marking The 3rd Anniversary Of Its Chonburi Site
Welcoming the Ambassador of Israel to Thailand, Her Excellence Ms. Orna Sagiv (center)

The new 8,000 square meters (90,000 square feet) manufacturing site was completed in January 2020 and began mass production in 2021. Since its opening, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has played a key role in supplying medical device companies with advanced manufacturing solutions. For instance, Quasar Chonburi has played a critical role in the global fight against COVID-19 as it produced over 10M intubation tube units, improving and saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

“Our operations in Chonburi commenced on January 2nd, 2020, at the very brink of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I couldn’t be prouder of the organization, the confidence that has been built with our customer base, and the incredible cooperation with Quasar sister companies, mainly in Israel and China,” said Aviel Bohnik, Quasar’s Group Executive Vice President of Global Operations.

Quasar Chonburi site’s rapid establishment and time to operation, employing a growing local workforce of over 300, are a true testament to Quasar’s mission in the following ways:

  • Expanding Quasar’s manufacturing capabilities and global footprint
  • Linking Israeli technology mindset with a superior Thai work mentality
  • Building strong partnerships with local businesses following Quasar’s local-for-local strategy
  • Geo diversification for supply cain resilience, providing a wide array of solutions across Asia, the USA, and Europe

“As Quasar Chonburi’s first product line of capnography tube sets has proven successful, we are now working with the Thai BOI to bring the most complex medical device ever produced in the country to Thailand – a micro-assembled electrophysiology catheter treating heart diseases. The success of this initiative will place Thailand amongst the very few countries globally that can produce such complex medical device products. We are confident that additional global medical companies will choose Thailand, based on our continued demonstrated success,“ stated Aviel Bohnik, expressing optimism about the future of Quasar and its positive impact on the economy of Thailand.

About Quasar Medical

Quasar Medical is a global market leader in manufacturing minimally invasive medical devices and components, catheters, and micro-sensors, with 6 manufacturing operations and more than 3,000 employees worldwide. For over 33 years, Quasar has specialized in comprehensive turnkey solutions, offering medical device companies a wide range of development and manufacturing solutions. From design expertise to development, including prototyping, DFM and VAVE, process automation, high-precision, micro-medical device assembly lines, supply chain management, rapid production ramp-up to mass production, Quasar provides customers with innovative solutions, superior quality, cost-efficiency, and speed-to-market. With headquarters in Hong Kong and Singapore, engineering offices in Israel, two manufacturing facilities in China, a new manufacturing facility in Thailand, and a business development unit in the United States, Quasar has a global presence, connecting European, American, Asian, and Israeli customers. Please visit quasar-med.com for further information.

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